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Above the line & Parent corner

Above the line

 The coaching doesn’t mean only education. I think that coaching is something that we have to learn about every day, and this process is never ending. Besides education, coaching depend of our motivation, emotions, and self-determination. The self determination is very difficult process, and at a same time it is responsibility of being objective and subjective. All progress begins by telling the truth. And the people we must be perfectly honest with starts with ourselves. That honesty is what enables us to live above the line in the zone of responsibility and accountability

: “I always look at past experiences of what my emotions were like when my Coach or manager had a go at me...When you played soccer poorly you already knew that, so you don’t need reminding as your head is down enough already. The worst thing is getting a coach in your face shouting as it will make you feel ten times worse... I look back and consider how I used to feel in those situations... I look at these experiences and look at how I emotionally affect my athletes that I deal with. To an extent I’m not going to scream and shout at my players, because if they’re playing badly their head is going to go further down than it already is.”  (Nelson et al., 2013

 Implementation of “above the line role” provides effective interaction between coaches, players and club officials. Creating an environment where respect, trust, and dignity play main role of interaction is crucial for future success.

Hello Coaches,
Jaxon has really been enjoying soccer with you. We wanted to check in to ensure he is doing ok or if there are any concerns. 
I know when he first joined up we mentioned that he was in hockey also. Once that season begins, Jaxon will be torn between practices in addition to school. Is it still okay for our Iron Mountain kids to not be at every practice? What is an acceptable commitment during this time with soccer, hockey, and school? I am a bit concerned if this will be an issue and just wanted to touch base with you on this. 
Jaxon views soccer as a priority and absolutely loves it. Honestly he would choose soccer over hockey but we do not feel that he should choose one sport only at such a young age. 
We want him (and us as a family) to meet your expectations for this team. So please weigh in on our thoughts and let us know yours.

Thank you, 
Jason, Sarah, and Jaxon

Thank you.  Ivy is pleased with your practices and very willing to work as hard as she can.  She is very serious and therefor feels good about these ideas because then her time is well used.   Keep her On track whenever you need.  Again,  thanks for your time and commitment.

October 3 2016.


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 Indoor season training schedule will be updated soon.

Congradulation to all PSA players on succesful tournament season. 

 We are happy with a huge teams and individual   progress of all PSA players. 

Power Soccer Academy (PSA) is coming to Escanaba this Fall!

In partnership with Bayside Soccer, PSA will provide high quality coaching for players who have enjoyed recreational soccer, and are seeking greater opportunity to develop the skill, character, and knowledge necessary to take their play to the next level.

Training schedule :

Monday-Tuesday and Thursday 6 pm - 8 pm 

Winter indoor schedule will be updated soon

We are very happy with a progress of players this Fall.It was a great organizational structure .

Thank you to Byside  leadership for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your soccer  community.









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BE A PART OF OUR PROJECT !!!  PRO SOCCER IN OUR COMMUNITY!!!!!  Opportunities don't happen.Help us create them !!!    

Training schedule

Training  schedule
   Training schedule updates: Indoor season schedule will be updated soon   KNOW YOUR WORTH. KNOW WHAT YOU DESERVE....

Above the line & Parent corner

 Above the line & Parent corner
Above the line  The coaching doesn’t mean only education. I think that coaching is something that we have to learn...


  NEW PLAYER? Want to join PSA? PSA is the only academy in the Upper Peninsula with a clear structure and an idea on how...

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U11B Appleton:  Sept.29-Oct 1. 2017 Wisconsin Rapids Oct 14-15  September 9. Saturday ,Marquette Kaufman 3  . PSA v...
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PSA Escanaba

PSA  Escanaba
The new opportunities for players in Delta county !!! We are proud to announce  partnership between Bayside soccer  and...

PSA School -Felch

PSA School -Felch
  Power Soccer AcademyNordic Soccer School Timber Kings F.C. (Football Club) has partnered with 


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